Safe and Educated Online Experience

Users from all countires and all technical backgrounds fall victim to phising, malicious file downloads, identity theft and plain scams.
SECURYBROWSE attempts to help users stay safe online by alerting dangerous sites or keywords even ahead of the time of click (TOC). The alerts not only protect from malicious actors but also educate users about the potential harm.

Protect and Learn

  • Alert phishy content

    Get alerts when searching for or accessing malicious sites. Increase security when shopping online, filling out forms and keeping your social accounts safe.

  • Educated Browsing

    Not only divert danger but learn about it too. Understand and spread the concepts of online safety and educate yourself about the possible risks, depending on the alert

  • Spread the word

    Share awereness for dangers online and stop others from falling victims to cyber crime. Contribute to our database by voting for site safety (coming soon)

We're just beginning!

SECURYBROWSE needs your vote and feedback to thrive.
Stay safe and drop us a line

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